Even before March of 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic, approximately 86% of estate, health and disability plans didn’t work when they were most needed because they were already out of date!

The pandemic dealt our citizens a 1-2 punch:

1) Many people who thought they “didn’t need” an estate plan desperately need a plan that works now.

2) People who thought they had a good estate plan finally understand their plans are out at date due to the pandemic and recent and pending changes in state and federal taxes and laws.


With the pandemic still raging, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. Unless you have a solid health, life and estate plan in place, all of this is at risk. The time to take action to protect yourself, your loved ones and your estate is NOW.

The estate and elder law firm of Dennis Sullivan and Associates specializes in protecting people and families just like yours. We have the team and the expertise to protect you, your family and your loved ones.

If you or a family member is stricken with Covid-19, who would care for your children? Who will make decisions for your grandchildren and parents? Who will make sure the rent, the mortgage and all the other bills are paid?

You need a trusted, caring, compassionate, and experienced team of professionals to help you design and establish your plan.

The founder of the Dennis Sullivan & Associates was educated at some of the finest universities in America, including master’s degrees from the Boston University School of Law as well as from MIT, and he has more than 30 years of service.

All team members including our attorneys and CPAs, make it easy and enjoyable to put together your up-to-date estate plan! In compliance with Massachusetts Covid-19 orders and leveraging current technology included with our services, you can review and complete your estate and elder law plan with our experienced team virtually—from the safety and comfort of your own home!

As a result, you will be both well informed and in control of your planning process as you benefit from our unique personalized counselling process. No family should be unprepared or unprotected, especially now with all the medical and, legal, and tax changes!

Dennis Sullivan & Associates is dedicated to protecting everything you have worked so hard to achieve, including your good health, home, spouse, family, legacy and lifesavings!

Covid-19 is Not Going Away Anytime Soon!

People all over the world of all ages are susceptible to Covid-19, but we in the U. S. are especially susceptible because we have the most cases and the highest number of deaths in the world.

While it is encouraging news that vaccines are being rolled out, the roll-out is going much slower than expected and a large percentage of our population have said they will not take the vaccine.

Therefore, we are all still at risk. THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION AND PROTECT YOUR FAMILY IS NOW!

Don’t let your family be a statistic because you failed to take action and are stuck with no plan or an outdated estate plan. Research statistics adjusted for Covid-19 show that 90% plus of health, life and estate plans are out of date.

Once You are 18 Years Old, a HUGE Change Happens!

Most families are shocked to learn that once a child or grandchild turns 18, no one automatically has the ability to make health or financial decisions for them—not even a parent, grandparent or spouse! (See our blog at Dsullivan.com for more information.)

Almost half of Americans 55+ don’t have a Will and You Cannot Trust Wills You Get On-Line!

Americans age 55 + are at the greatest risk for serious complications and death from Covid-19. The mistake of using cheap or free on-line legal forms can cost your family thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars and much more in terms of aggravation due to complete loss of control and sleepless nights. (See our blog at Dsullivan.com for more information.)

Estate and life planning is always essential but in the midst of a pandemic, it is Mandatory!

We hope you now understand that you and your family will tremendously benefit from having much more than just a will. Wouldn’t you and your family prefer the peace of mind understanding how your family is protected now and for generations to follow?

The reason you need much more than just a will is because a will is only effective when you die. You need to be protected while you are alive, not only from Covid-19, but as you need to be protected in the event of disability.

Disability is six times more likely than death in any given year, but 2021 is a more precarious year than most.

The documents an estate and elder law firm will create for you and your family members will provide each person you care about with peace of mind. Yes, there is a light shining at the end of the long, arduous Covid-19 tunnel. Let’s all be safe and well protected together on our journeys. You and your loved ones will be able to control your estate, your finances, your investments and, most importantly, your health care decisions without the expense or interference of the courts, medical, or the legal system.

Those benefits alone could save you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars AND save you a huge amount of time, heartache, sleepless nights, and aggravation as well!

Dennis Sullivan & Associates is a caring, compassionate team of professionals who have been protecting families for generations by providing a unique estate planning and asset protection service for families in Massachusetts and surrounding states for more than 28 years. We currently provide virtual (on-line) discovery sessions, as well as personal counseling, and limited in-person consultations so you can get the high-quality life, estate and asset protection plan you deserve at a reasonable investment for the lifetime protection for your family for generations.

Through our unique process you can complete all of your important protection virtually (on-line), staying warm, safe and healthy in the comfort of your home while a team of experienced, caring, compassionate and professionals creates a comprehensive estate plan that will provide you and your family members total peace of mind now and for generations that follow.

The most important phone call you can make today is to call our discovery line 800-964-4295 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or 781-237-2815 weekdays to register for discovery sessions and see how to qualify for your personalized review and counselling session. You can also register online at DSullivan.com. Due to the emergency we are doing our best as essential service providers to enable the community to understand what they can and should do for their family now!

Dennis Sullivan & Associates is a team of caring, compassionate highly-trained professionals who Protect Families for Generations.

Book a free online personalized discovery review design and safely completion process NOW. Call 781-237-2815 You’ll understand how to protect your health and home, spouse, family, legacy, and life savings. You and your family will achieve peace of mind of knowing you have done everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones for generations. Call now 781-237-2815 or register for a free meeting at www.DSullivan.com